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Vista Maria Dolly Drive - LOCAL ROAD TRIP

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how you can support at-risk young women? Let's all learn more at Vista Maria Dolly Drive event!

If you are interested please let us know at the studio and we can coordinate driving arrangements. Advance tickets are $25 and $30 at the door. Purchase them yourself ahead of time online.

Vista Maria’s Downriver Dolly Drive raises important funding and support for girls who are placed in foster care and human trafficking treatment. These children are no different than our own.  They need supportive adults who will love, nurture and protect them, as well as provide them with the opportunity to “just be a kid.” Girls come into the foster care system when their family is in crisis and their safety is in jeopardy.  Perpetrators prey on the weak including teens that have dropped out of school, are in the foster care system or have run away from home.   This means that approximately 12,000 Michigan children are at risk for becoming human trafficking victims at any given time from the foster care system alone. It is estimated that there are over 199,000 children in the United States enslaved to perform sexual acts.  Vista Maria remains deeply committed to and invested in advocacy for ending human trafficking, and providing essential treatment with a continuum of services for abused, neglected and traumatized girls ages 11 to 18. You can help give girls the precious gift of a loving home and the opportunity to create positive, lasting memories that are an essential component of their healing and recovery.