90° Room

It's not just our name, but also how we practice. The room will be heated to 90-95 degrees.  Be ready to experience an empowering, playful, sweaty practice designed for every body.*

What to Bring / When to Arrive

A water bottle, towel, mat (we have rentals available), and the willingness to experience something new on & off your mat! 

Just show up. Please arrive 15 minutes before class time to ensure a spot in the class!


We believe our space should be one of acceptance, openness, and encouragement.  Our students & teachers will be expected to act with integrity at all times within the space. 

Please respect your fellow yogis by coming to class with a readiness and willingness to being a YES!

Respect your fellow yogis by coming to class without overbearing perfumes or odors.  We like it hot and that means perfume and odors will only be amplified!

Should I sign up online? 

Yes!  YOU ARE READY NOW!!  Click HERE to sign up for classes ahead of time to ensure mat space.  

New Student Special

$45 Dollars for a one month membership!

*Kids, Pre-Natal, Mommy & Me classes will not be heated

Something else on your mind? Ask us!

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